What it means to join our team!

Here at CRAQ supplements we are looking for a team of ambassadors from all over the world. We believe that as long as you’re a health and fitness enthusiast with a desire to promote CRAQ Supplements, you can be an asset to our team. It doesn’t matter if you have 100 followers or 100,000 followers, we believe everyone has unique stories and life experiences that will make us stronger together. We are bring the world true GAINZ one craq head at a time!!!


Benefits of becoming a CRAQ ambassador

  1. You’ll be given a unique discount code that allows you to make a commission on all CRAQ products
  2. You’ll be able to purchase CRAQ products at a discounted rate
  3. You’ll be included on the process of developing and marketing new products.

 As an Ambassador you have the opportunity to earn commissions with Craq Supplements! All of our ambassadors will be given the chance to create their own personal Discount code that can be shared with family and friends both in and outside of your social media platforms.

Once your ambassador request has been accepted, you will receive a welcome email with a URL link that will take you to your back office. From there you will have access to analytics and the tools needed to really start sharing CRAQ with everyone you know.

for any questions or concerns you can contact affiliate support at


Before Becoming an ambassador all Instagram profiles must be set to Public!!

  1. Post twice a month on your feed and once a week on your story
  2. You must follow @craqsupplements on Instagram and like and comment on every post as soon as you see it
  3. You must use our products and wear our apparel as much as you can
  4. You should want to empower others through your own social media platform
  5. You will be required to occasionally work our booths at events and/or model our apparel
  6. You will be loyal to CRAQ and will not promote any competing brands


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